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Cylinder, drive device, pneumatic valve and, valve island, regulating valve, flow valve, check valve, air source treatment, connection technology, sensor, vacuum technology
Sensor, position switch, photoelectric switch, foot switch, limit switch, micro switch, safety module
Sensor, displacement sensor, linear displacement sensor, magnetostrictive displacement sensor, electronic ruler, position ruler, transmitter, high temperature melt pressure sensor
Force sensors, torque sensors, pressure sensors, displacement sensors, strain sensors,  custom sensors
Our Products

Our Products

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Delivering on our promises, always, no matter how big or small.

It is our business to distribute industrial automation products at the best price and shortest lead times. We are committed in our constant search for the most cost effective methods in providing our customers what they need at the fastest delivery time possible while maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. We believe in taking the time to listen, as the more we get to know our customers, the better we can become at anticipating their requirements.

Our People

We recognize that the biggest success factor is our employees. Our team is powered by passionate people of various nationalities with years of experience under their belts in industrial automation products distribution. Our diversity helps us understand our customers more fully, see business opportunities in new perspectives and succeed in serving the needs of our expanding customer segments.

We function as a trusted partner to our clients, and that partnership results in consistently delivering the right industrial automation products to meet the urgent needs of our global network of customers.

Our Clients

No matter what size the client, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and the greatest possible return on investment in the supply of automation products that meet their business requirements.

we have worked with clients from  various industries, ranging from pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, Merck Sharp & Dohme, and Sanofi – Aventis, chemical manufacturing companies like Henkel, National Starch & Chemical, and Basf, food manufacturing companies like Lindt, and Perfetti Van Melle, to habitat and construction companies like Saint Gobain,situated around the world.

we have focused on sales of global industrial control products

We focus on the global layout and focus on strengthening the control of the upstream of the supply chain. It has a very powerful channel and a supply of resources. To provide you with more timely, more efficient, more complete procurement support and services. ​

Let value share, record enterprise development step

线上线下,我们时刻准备着为您服务 安沃驰气动产品在自动化技术领域发挥着重要的作用,在几乎所有行业均有不俗表现,获得...


AV系列——高级阀岛 设计独特,重量大大减少、尺寸布局紧凑,并且功能性增加,安沃驰AV系列阀岛能够确保用户在生产中...

Import and export industrial equipment and spare     parts, best price channel and shortest delivery time
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